For many people, writing their wedding vows is one of the most overwhelming and anxiety-provoking tasks of the entire wedding planning process. It’s a big ask to put your deepest thoughts to paper and read them in front of all your nearest and dearest. However, writing your own vows can bring a far more intimate, personal touch to your wedding day. Here are some quick tips for how to get started if writers block is standing in your way.

Look For Inspiration

Look around you for ideas- there are no plagiarism rules when it comes to your vows. Read poetry books, look to the texts of your religious tradition, read traditional vows and watch romantic movies- anything to get those creative juices flowing.

Talk With Your Partner

If you’re really stuck for ideas, have a brainstorming session with your significant other. They may be feeling equally blank, so having a deep conversation about your feelings for one another and your hopes and dreams for your lives together could spark some romantic thoughts.

Set A Deadline

Give yourself and your fiancé a deadline to have the vows written by, and try and make it at least a week or two before the actual wedding day. This will ensure that you don’t leave it to the very last minute and that you’ll be able to relax and focus on other last minute planning issues in the final weeks.

Practice Makes Perfect

If the thought of standing on front of everyone you know and reading such personal words makes you anxious, practice reading the vows out loud plenty of times before the big day. Read in front of your mirror and edit out any parts that you tend to trip over or that don’t sound quite as nice out loud as they did on paper.