The moment that your guests receive their invitations is really the first moment of your wedding- so make it count. There are some common mistakes that plenty of even the most careful couples make when sending out their invitations- avoid them to get your wedding off to the best possible start.

Watch For Typos

It’s easier than you may think to send out invitations with a simple spelling or grammatical error glaring out- when you look at something so many times, it’s possible to miss obvious mistakes. Have a friend with fresh eyes and a flair for editing check over your invitations before they go to print to make sure everything looks perfect.

Order The Right Amount

Order too many invitations and you could end up wasting money and paper, don’t order enough and you’ll be stuck having to order more while your guests wait. Get an accurate calculation of how many guests you’re inviting and then order about 25% more- this will give you room to replace lost invitations, keep some to treasure forever and invite forgotten guests.

Set A Realistic RSVP

Many couples end up giving their guests months to RSVP because the wedding feels like a long way off. You’ll make your life a lot easier by setting a shorter deadline for guests to respond by- it will give you a clear sense of how many people to expect, and make planning the other aspects of the day less confusing.

Have The Company Do The Addresses

Addressing every single invitation yourself could take you an entire day, especially if you’ve got a big wedding planned. You’re also more likely to make mistakes. Ask the stationer if they offer an addressing service, and they could cover the job for you, saving you time and energy.

Photo: © / lenanet