Keeping your guests happy and having a great time at your wedding doesn’t have to blow a huge hole in your budget. There are many ways to entertain your guests on a tight budget, as long as you think a little bit outside of the box.

Get Them Singing

Once everyone has had a couple drinks and is feeling in a festive mood, break out a karaoke machine. These don’t cost much at all, and you probably know someone who has their own karaoke equipment, or you could hire some from a local bar. Everyone loves a good karaoke session, and it’s sure to bring about some hilarious, happy memories.

Bring Your Friends

If you have friends who are talented musicians, have a band or simply sing well, why not ask them to perform instead of hiring an expensive band full of strangers? You could find that your friends would be happy to offer their talents as a wedding gift, but if not, try bartering for the performance with services or particularly desirable wedding presents that you don’t need. Better yet, perform a duet with your partner for a truly personal touch!

Make A Scavenger Hunt

Got kids attending your wedding? Make sure they’re enjoying themselves and keeping out of trouble by setting up a scavenger hunt that leads to treasure. The questions can all be wedding themed, and the prize can be a sweet treat or wedding-themed toy!

Hold A Quiz

If you and your fiancé are real brain-boxes, or just big fans of pub quizzes, get the guests in on the fun by hosting your own wedding quiz. This won’t cost you a penny and is a fun way to get everyone talking at their tables. Set up each table with some pencils and quiz sheets and get an enthusiastic uncle to be quizmaster. The questions can be about your and your fiancé, the wedding itself or just general trivia. Everyone’s sure to have a great time and your budget will be kept under control.