We all do our best to budget carefully for our wedding, but there are some expenses you may not have considered when planning your big day. Watch out for these hidden costs that can trip you up and push you out of your budget limitations.

Beauty Treatments

Although you’ve most likely calculated in the costs of your hair and makeup on the day, remember that many brides go for facials, tanning treatments, manicures, waxes and every other beauty treatment you can think of in the lead up to the day itself. Calculate these costs in and book ahead of time so you know how much wiggle room you have in your budget.

Postage Costs

The design and printing of your invitations, save the dates and thank you notes may have been taken into consideration, but have you added in the costs of postage? If you’re having a fairly big wedding, you could be looking at some pretty substantial postage fees, so make sure you know what you’re facing and plan accordingly.


One of the biggest stresses a bride can face is finding that her dress doesn’t fit a week before her wedding day. When you budget for your wedding dress, the suits and all of the clothes for the members of your wedding party, add a little extra room for alteration costs so you don’t get a nasty shock.

Hen Night and Stag Do

The big parties with your friends in the lead up to your wedding can end up being a major expense, especially if things get a little out of hand. If you’re planning some big nights out with your nearest and dearest, make sure you’re clear on who’s paying for what. Your maid of honour might be happy to cover the majority of the expenses, but don’t just assume it’ll all be taken care of.