Bored of the same old wedding themes? If you and your fiancé are a little more alternative, why not match your wedding to your personalities and passions with one of these more unusual themes?

Hollywood And Film

If your favourite date night is always at your local independent cinema, a movie themed wedding could be your perfect fit. Style your venue out like an old movie theatre, dress your bridesmaids in classic Hollywood styles and play movie themes all night long. Got a particular favourite film? You wouldn’t be the first couple to go with a Star Wars theme- it’s your special day, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

Fancy Dress

Make your wedding day more fun than you could have imagined by having all of your guests come decked out in fancy dress. Let their imaginations run wild- the only rule is that no run of the mill hats or floral tea dresses are allowed. As the bride you of course reserve the right to wear your beautiful dream wedding dress, but surrounding yourselves with colourful costumes will make your wedding day extra special.

Masked Ball

Want a glamorous, unique wedding straight out of the Phantom of the Opera? Ask your guests to come in masks and let mystery reign for the evening- play old classical music and create an opulent ballroom for your guests to waltz the hours away.

DIY Wedding

With many brides and grooms looking to cut the costs of their wedding day, DIY themes are becoming more popular than ever. Try to make as much of the wedding decorations yourself- from paper flower bouquets to homemade centrepieces. This theme can create a wedding with a truly personal touch, and all of your friends and family can get involved to bring their own creativity to your big day.