Every newlywed couple deserves a wonderful honeymoon to celebrate their marriage, but not every couple has a huge budget to work with. If you’re short on cash but still want to get away for some time together after your wedding, follow these tips to planning the break you deserve without breaking the bank.

Go All-Inclusive

If you’re on a tight budget, it may be simpler to opt for an all-inclusive vacation rather than a honeymoon that requires more extensive booking and planning. You may find that the expenses start to add up when you factor in food, entertainment, accommodation and travel fares separately- going all-inclusive can offer a cheaper solution and save you the stress of trying to find the cheapest options for each element of your honeymoon.

Save The Best For Last

Can’t bear the thought of missing out on that luxury honeymoon suite? You don’t have to! Why not book a cheaper room or hotel for the majority of your trip, and then splash out on the deluxe romantic suite for the last night or two? You’ll still get that glamorous experience, but won’t spend money you don’t have.

Keep An Open Mind

While the classic honeymoon spots might be the first to spring to mine, they’ll also often be the most expensive. Do some research and hunt lesser known spots in the world to visit. You could find somewhere even more special, and might just avoid crowds of tourists, too.

Make A Honeymoon Registry

Instead of going for a traditional gift registry, you could ask your guests to help chip in for your honeymoon. You may not end up with as many kitchen appliances, but you’ll cut the costs of your getaway and your friends and family will get to feel like they’re contributing to the beginning of your married life in a more meaningful way.