Your wedding dress and the hairstyle you choose for your wedding day should work together to create the perfect bridal look. You may have a particular style in mind that you’d always envisioned for your wedding day, but find that when paired with the dress you’ve chosen, it just doesn’t quite fit. We’ve got a quick guide to help you match your hair with your dress for a stunning, cohesive bridal style.

The Simple, Classic Dress

If you’ve opted for a simple gown with clean lines and a classic cut, you’ll have tons of freedom when it comes to your hairstyle. Brides with classic gowns can go as wild as they like with their hair- think plenty of volume and hair accessories to play off the simplicity of the dress. Don’t be afraid to call attention to yourself with a dramatic statement hairstyle- it’s your day after all!

If you want to keep the whole look simple and classic, go with a glamorous updo that pulls the hair away from your face, while looking polished and timeless. A chignon knot or beautiful bun with a simple, sparkling hair accessory would be ideal.

The Bohemian Beach Dress

If your wedding dress has a boho feel, a pretty, relaxed hairstyle will match perfectly. Think loose, long waves, flower accessories, braids and tons of texture. A tight, formal updo will look a little off when paired with a boho dress, so keep the look laid back and feminine.

The Romantic Dress

If your dress is all about lace, flowing fabrics and beautiful layers, keep the focus on the dress and avoid dramatic statement hairstyles. Flowing waves or curls will complete the feminine, romantic look with a pretty and sweet feel, just don’t go for any overcomplicated styles that will draw attention away from your dress.