Ever since we saw “Mamma Mia”, we’ve been lusting over Greece as a vacation spot. The beautiful islands of Greece are all about clear blue water, bright sunshine and, of course, romance. What better place to spend your honeymoon?

The Cyclades

This group of stunning small islands is ideal for scouting out the most secluded, romantic beaches. There are ancient ruins to explore, a ferry service to help you island-hop and some of the most beautiful sights in Europe to see. Many of Greece’s most famous islands are part of this group, including Mykonos and Rhodes.

Visit Rhodes to take in the fascinating architecture, amazing food and killer sunbathing spots, then head over to Sifnos to hike the rocky heights and visit one of the small island’s many tiny, historic churches.

If you want to see the teetering, charming and colourful houses on cliff tops that Greece is famous for, visit Santorini. The highlight of this island is definitely its sunset views- get as high up as you can and take in the beautiful views.

The Ionian Islands

There’s plenty of action in this cluster of islands, along with ample opportunity for relaxation and romance. Visit Cephalonia to see incredible caves and taste the island’s delicious wines. If you’re feeling up for something a little more cosmopolitan, hop on the ferry to Corfu where you’ll find tons of great restaurants, buzzing nightclubs and the biggest old town in Greece, where history buffs can get their fill of medieval architecture and museums.

The Sporades

Many honeymooners seek out quiet, private places to bask in the bliss of newlywed life, and this cluster of small, relatively unspoilt islands is ideal for that purpose. Go diving in the clear waters of Skyros, explore authentic Greek culture in the port town of Skopelos and swim and relax on the many glowing beaches of Skiathos.