Getting the right person to photograph your big day is crucial. These pictures will be with you for the rest of your lives together, and you’ll be showing them to your grandchildren (and hopefully great-grandchildren) someday. This definitely isn’t an element of your wedding that you’ll want to leave to the last minute!

Start Early

Most high quality wedding photographers are busy people, so booking well in advance is important. If you’re having your wedding in “peak” season, so anytime when the weather is nice, you’ll probably need to book at least 6-12 months ahead of the big day. Start looking for your perfect photographer as soon as you’ve set your date!

Pick Your Style

Wedding photography isn’t a one-size fits all thing- there are a number of different styles that a photographer could go with when they capture your wedding. Decide if you want a documentary style series of images, portraits, a fine art style or a more edgy, quirky look. You’ll then be able to hunt down a photographer who specialises in that style.

Look Through The Portfolio

Even if you’ve got a great recommendation from someone you trust, take a look through the photographer’s recent work before making your choice. Check over the quality of their shots, their particular areas of strength and try to get a sense of their personal style through their images. Does their tone suit the sort of atmosphere you want to capture for your wedding? Make sure the overall look of their shots meshes well with the type of feeling you’re trying to create.

Organise Interviews

Try not to pick your photographer based purely on their images and some email conversations- arrange to meet with several different potential photographers in person and interview them. This will give you the chance to discuss fees in more detail and haggle if necessary, and will help you decide whether your personalities match well. Ultimately, this person is going to be a major feature of the most important day of your life, so you want to feel comfortable and happy having them around.


 Photo: © / lenanet