Most brides stress over their hair and makeup plans for their wedding day, but you can begin preparing yourself far in advance to make sure you’re feeling as beautiful and relaxed as possible when the big day finally comes. Lay the foundations for a stunning look by getting ready ahead of time.

Have A Skincare Routine

Getting great skin isn’t just about getting some shut-eye the night before your wedding day and laying on a load of foundation. Your skin will look brighter, clearer and healthier if you begin a skincare routine several months in advance. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated- just invest in a high quality cleaner, toner and moisturiser, scrub up a couple times a week with a mild exfoliator, and go for a facial or two to get your skin looking its very best.

Prepare Your Hair

You can ensure that your hair will look shiny and luscious in your wedding photos by taking good care of it in the months leading up to the event. Get regular trims and start using an intensive moisturising treatment regularly if you struggle with dryness and breakage. Try to lay off any heat damaging treatments like blow drying and straightening- your hair will thank you for it.

Get A Dazzling Bright Smile

While some brides decide to go for a professional whitening treatment at their dentist in the lead up to their wedding, if you’re on a budget this may be a little too pricy. If you begin long enough in advance, you can use at home whitening kits to prep your smile for all those wedding snaps.

Stay Stress Free

Planning a wedding is not a relaxing process, there’s no doubt about that, but try to minimise the amount of stress and sleepless nights in the months leading up to your big day. Not only will the anxiety take a toll on your emotional health, it will also leave you looking tired and run down- not the best wedding day look.