There’s no season more perfect for a wedding than summer, and nothing screams summer like bohemian style. Many brides are now opting for boho wedding themes, with lush wild flowers, natural themes and an outdoor venue. To complete your boho wedding, you’ll need the perfect bohemian look from head to toe.

Subtle Makeup

Of course you want to look perfect on your big day, but less is more when it comes to boho makeup. Makeup should be soft and neutral, with an emphasis on pink and brown shades. Eyes can be bold for a smoky, hippie look, but keep your lips natural and your skin glowing with a subtle blush and light tan. Avoid going too orange by practicing the tan you’re going to use months ahead of time, and you’ll be looking naturally beautiful on the day.

Flowing Femininity                  

The boho trend is all about look as relaxed and pretty as possible, so look for a wedding dress that flatters your figure while flowing gracefully. You don’t have to think along the usual traditional gown lines- look for quirky styles and interesting necklines to create a striking look.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Bohemian style is all about the accessories. Embrace nature by holding a colourful, lush bouquet and don’t restrict flowers to your hands. Complement a long braid with wild flowers woven into the strands, or create a headband that intertwines flowers with fabric to feel like a real-life fairy princess.

Boho Bridesmaids

Don’t forget the bridesmaids when creating your boho wedding. Pick unique, interesting gowns that flatter each of your friends and use accessories, flowers and small touches to ensure that every detail fits together. If your dress is primarily lace, add a touch of lace to each of your bridesmaids looks to pull the bridal party together with a common theme.