A wedding with a travel theme can be perfect for couples with a taste for adventure, or a history of long-distance romance. There are tons of tasteful ways to incorporate this theme into your special day, whether you go for a vintage look or a more modern, quirky theme.


Incorporate travel and romance into your save the dates and wedding invitations by using old fashioned postcards, vintage maps or nautical note cards to get your guess in the travelling mood. For your invitations, you could create individual airplane-style boarding passes offering your guests’ access to the big day.


This theme is easy to incorporate into your décor- you could create centrepieces with stack of travel books, small paper airplanes and create a theme for each separate table inspired by your favourite locations around the word. Vintage maps transformed into garland chains of 3D hearts can make beautiful decorations, and old trunks and suitcases can be stacked up in corners. Small paper hot air balloons can also be placed around the ceiling for a whimsical touch.

Maps and Globes

If you have guests coming in from all corners of the earth, set up a big map for everyone to pin their location, leaving you and your fiancé with a visual guestbook to treasure forever. An old globe can also be used for guests to sign and leave their messages of love and support, or as unique centrepieces for your tables.

The Cake

A travel themed wedding cake can look charming and unique. Stacks of chocolate suitcases can add instant adventure to your layered cake, and airplane decorations, boats and map designs will all be the perfect finishing touch, and the most delicious way to kick start your honeymoon journey. Just make sure you find a cake maker with the talent to pull off the design!